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ReIGNITE Hope Brazil Resumes Classes

In 2020, ReIGNITE Hope Brazil opened its doors in Campinas, Brazil. ReIGNITE Hope Brazil is operated by Hope Unlimited, a non-profit that provides residential care, education and vocational training for homeless children living on Brazil's city streets. More than 500 children have found sanctuary and job training since its founding 16 years ago by the son of an American missionary, Philip Smith. "We want to tell these kids; we believe in you; we believe in you so that you can believe in yourself," says Philip. But what Hope Unlimited has learned is that the combination of shelter and job training only goes so far. Without God, most are just not going to change their behavior, make better choices nor experience real life change.

We are thrilled to partner with Hope Unlimited and know that real life change is happening there. The welding instructor in Brazil also has the gift of evangelism and is currently going to Seminary. As always, in Brazil as in the U.S., our goal is to lead people vocationally toward a career and spiritually toward Christ.



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